During our Exchange remediation tasks to migrate one of our customer from Exchange 2010 to Office 365 via hybrid, we found they had a previous from Exchange 2003 organization upgrade to the actual Exchange 2010: These legacy environment became apparent when the hybrid configuration wizard (HCW) failed while attempting to update the email address policies.

Hybrid Configuration Wizard was failing with the following error:

HCW8055 – The Legacy Email Address Policy cannot be automatically updated and must be manually upgraded.

and the hybrid config log was littered with error similar to this:

ERROR : System.Management.Automation.RemoteException: The recipient policy “default policy” with mailbox manager settings cannot be managed by the current version of Exchange Management Console. Please use a management console with the same version as the object.

Sure enough, when the email address policies were accessed from the Exchange Management Console (EMC) we received an error.



You can verify it also with PowerShell with the following command:

Get-EmailAddressPolicy | ft Name,RecipientFilterType



Each of the email address policies showed a “legacy” value needs to be upgraded.

Microsoft has released a KB for this issue that can be found here.

Unfortunately, the phrase “management console with the same version as the object” in the original error tells us that the policy includes some Mailbox Manager Settings and needs to be managed by some Exchange 2003 EMC: in this case, there were no Exchange 2003 servers which meant no Exchange System Manager to edit the policy with so the Microsoft KB is not useful.

To fix the issue you need to perform two different actions:

  • Remove the Mailbox Manager Setting from the policy
  • Upgrade the policy with PowerShell


Clean The Mailbox Manager Setting

Removing the Mailbox Manager settings from the policy would not be an issue, when you have the right EMC, in this case we needed to use ADSI edit and removing it manually.The policy should be located in the “Configuration” container in the path “CN=Recipient Policies,CN=Org Name,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration”.
Once locating the policy, two changes are required:

  • Clear the “MsExchMailboxManagerFolderSettings” value in the policy.
  • Remove the following hex string from the “msExchPolicyOptionList” value: “0xec 0x13 0x68 0x3b 0x89 0xce 0xba 0x42 0x94 0x42 0xd8 0x7d 0x4a 0xa3 0x0d 0xbc” 
    • Note: leave the one starting with “0xfc”


Upgrade the Policy

After this, you should be able to upgrade the legacy policy with the following PowerShell command from your Exchange 2010 EMC console:

get-emailaddesspolicy | update-emailaddresspolicy

To verify that everything is fixed, just re-rerun

Get-EmailAddressPolicy | ft Name,RecipientFilterType



Once all of the email address polices were updated (and accessible through the EMC without error), the HCW was re-run and able to complete successfully.

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