Microsoft Ignite is now completed and in One Step Beyond we followed all the announcements closely to be ready to include them in our projects and increase business value for our customers.

It was not simple: there were so many news this year that Microsoft provided a 27-page book with all of it.

Anyway, we would like to highlight some of them we consider the most disruptive for the next future.

Microsoft, SAP and Adobe take on Salesforce with their new Open Data Initiative for customer data

Microsoft is teaming up with Adobe and SAP to create a single model for representing customer data that businesses will be able to move between systems. On one side, this is clearly a try to isolate Salesforce and, on the other, it represents a chance for these three companies to create new tools that can take value from this data and, for Microsoft, it’s obviously an opportunity to use Azure platform for analyzing them.

Microsoft wants to be passwordless

Businesses that use Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) will now be able to use the Microsoft Authenticator app on iOS and Android in place of a password to log into their business applications. Many enterprises are starting to push their employees to use a second factor to authenticate, now the next step will be to push second factor as “primary”.

New Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Until now, virtual Windows 10 desktops were the domain of third-party service providers. Now, Microsoft itself will offer these desktops. The company argues that this is the first time you can get a multiuser virtualized Windows 10 desktop in the cloud. This is a clear attach to the Citrix XenApp domain and, if it succeed, will be really complicated for this company to add more value then Microsoft in term of integration and costs.

Microsoft Office 2019 is here and with some great improvements

Microsoft is adding a number of new AI tools to its Office productivity suite. Those include Ideas, which aims to take some of the hassle out of using these tools like suggest a layout for your PowerPoint presentation or help you find interesting data in your spreadsheets..

Microsoft is also building a new unified search tool for finding data across an organization’s network pushing the Enterprise Search (yes, still a little bit limited to Office 365) a bit ahead.

For IT Pro, the best news here is that Office 2019 will be available in Click-to-Run approach only with the possibility of in-place upgrade from older MSI-based products. This is absolutly a game-changer.

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 General availability starting from October

The best news is the extended Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) into Windows Server, so that customers can run Linux containers side-by-side with Windows containers on a Windows Server and a better support for Kubernetes and Service Fabric.


Of course there is more (82 announcements in total…) so just have a look to the Microsoft book and follow OSB for additional tips and tricks on these technologies.



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