During the last days I prepared a Docker Training course for one of my customer.

Because most of them are familiar with Windows but not Linux (it’s bad, I know.. but we will fix that one too), I was working with the latest version of Docker Desktop for Windows. This version is using the new LCOW (Linux Containers on Windows) to run Windows and Linux containers at the same time on a Windows 10 Pro 1809 machine.

For one exercise in this training, i would like to do more than the “standard” Hello Word HTML page and I found on GitHub a nice project for porting Mario Bros in HTML5 and JS made by Rerun… So perfect! let’s play that in Docker on a Windows Server Core containers.

So? this post is only related to the fact that I’m running an HTML5 application in IIS using Docker? Well, in the DockerFile I prepared I solved a lot of “regular” issue you have when you are using Windows Server Core in DevOps and maybe this can help people to find out their own issues.

The DockerFile will cover:

  1. Run all the command as Administrator (using the ContainerAdministrator)
  2. Install IIS, Asp.NET 4.7 from Windows Features
  3. Install and configure Chocolatey (the missing package manager Windows needs..)
  4. Install the ServerMonitor Application to keep IIS up and running
  5. Install Git (using Chocolatey)
  6. Download at build time the software directly from GitHub and put it in IIS wwwroot folder.

You can find it in my GitHub project: MarioOnDocker

I think this one could help people that want to start using Docker on Windows not just for “Hello World!” 🙂


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