“What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas” doesn’t apply to the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2019 running now (21-23 May) at the MGM Grand.

A lot of announcements related to Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint were done during the keynotes that you can review here.

I would like to line-up some of them that are more relevant from my point of view.

After the Digital Transformation and the Modern Workplace now it’s time for the Intelligent Workplace and, of course the Intelligent Intranet with the introduction of the new SharePoint Home Site : It’s a new landing page for SharePoint, combining news and content including conversation and video with Microsoft Search integration and a mega-menu for the navigation. Accessibility is of course available for all the devices (responsive).

I really like how Microsoft is able to push in different name and flavors the same set of services organized in a different way. Anyway this is the buzzword required in the PowerPoint presentation to be relevant.

Regarding SharePoint Online, back-end architecture has been pimped-up: core code have been rewritten in many parts and the SQL storage architecture has been completely redone (again…).

One benefit of this will be, for example, Office client logic for opening files like PowerPoint has been redone to more quickly open the first few slides when opening presentations.


On the OneDrive side, we have the announcement of the Request files from others feature. also a new 64bit version of the client is expected for this year.

In Teams, file experience finally gets a view with all of the metadata from SharePoint. Views are also supported, thus filtering, and more complex scenarios benefiting from metadata directly in Teams. I’m a bit scared for this features as I already expect the customers to ask for 200 metadata in the library (never really used..) and then continuing to call the file “projectX_prod_final_V2.docx” obviously in a folder called “01. Working file” with 7-8 levels of sub-folders..

I like the flat and clear view of the files tab in Teams. I think this will change a lot the governance around Teams and introduce risks also because the Team search is not so effective at the moment..

To have additional information you can watch the keynote at the link provided and follow the news blog at this address.

See you soon!




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