Prevent spoofing of your mail domains with DKIM and DMARC – Part 2

Office 365 uses the tenant domain to manage the DKIM signing. So that is the unique onmicrosoft. com domain that each tenant chooses at signup. DKIM is enabled by default on .onmicrosoft.com but not, of course, for the custom domains. … Read More

Prevent spoofing of your mail domains with DKIM and DMARC – Part 1

Spam and phishing emails are for sure one of the most hated and annoying attack an organization is facing nowadays: you will be very surprise if you know that 1 out of 25 branded emails (means from well-know brands like … Read More

Do you know? Azure Active Directory is not Active Directory!

If you’ve been working with Azure for a while you already know this, but this topic is something I see always with people who are approaching Azure for the first time and usually they rise the questions like: “How do … Read More

SharePoint 2019 has released.. and also Exchange 2019

Following the release of Office client 2019 in September, Microsoft announces today that SharePoint Server 2019 RTM has reached General Availability. You can download SharePoint Server 2019 RTM from: SharePoint Server 2019 (Full Installers) Language Packs for SharePoint Server 2019 … Read More

Microsoft Ignite Takeways

Microsoft Ignite is now completed and in One Step Beyond we followed all the announcements closely to be ready to include them in our projects and increase business value for our customers. It was not simple: there were so many … Read More

Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard Fails To Update Address Policy

During our Exchange remediation tasks to migrate one of our customer from Exchange 2010 to Office 365 via hybrid, we found they had a previous from Exchange 2003 organization upgrade to the actual Exchange 2010: These legacy environment became apparent … Read More

Playground with Azure File Sync – Part 3

Following the action plan of the previous post, now it’s time to configure the first server endpoint to be in sync with the Sync Group we created. An important point to understand at this point is that the total cost … Read More

Cloud Identity: Which authentication method is right for you?

During our projects to support customers in their cloud journey, one of the first point of discussion is always related to the authentication method they should use to keep user credentials safe outside the well-known network perimeter. Authentication is the … Read More

Playground with Azure File Sync – Part 2

In the previous post we talked about Azure File Sync technology and the scenarios this can be useful. Now it’s time to implement it: the service is still in preview, it means that some functionalities can be changed or added … Read More

Playground with Azure File Sync – Part 1

Since the beginning of the Azure Era, one of the basic components of the Microsoft Cloud were Azure Storage accounts. An Azure storage account provides a unique namespace in the cloud to store and access your data objects in Azure … Read More

Thank you, SharePoint Saturday Zurich 2018!

I was happy to be accepted as a speaker for SharePoint Saturday Zurich, which was held at Kraftwerk last weekend. It’s been a super busy May for me so far as I started my new role in One Step Beyond, yet … Read More

Latest news for SharePoint 2019

Microsoft shared some news on the new on premises version of SharePoint 2019 at SharePoint North America Conference in Las Vegas this May. What we knew already from Ignite last year is that it should be a “snapshot” (taken anyway few … Read More